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Religious Peacebuilding in Central African Republic

The Central African Republic has struggled with civil conflict since independence in 1960 as military coups replaced one military dictator after another. Over the last year, a new wave of violence has gripped the country, and bringing with it a new sectarian dimension to conflict in the country. The violence is currently ongoing with concerns about further escalation or even genocide being raised. The situation has led to nearly a million people being displaced in their efforts to escape the violence.


Interreligious Partnerships for Peacebuilding

As the sectarian dynamics have become part of the recent violence in the Central African Republic, it is critical to have religious leaders and voices become active in leading the process of community reconciliation and developing grassroots capacity for peacebuilding. Rebuilding the peace between Christians and Muslims in the country requires that high level leadership consistently send messages of peace, and that prominent religious leaders in the region participate in problem solving to address key issues, and identify points for conflict prevention, healing and forgiveness to take place. IIPC working to support religious peacebuilding in The Central African Republic through our networks of Muslims and Christian religious leaders in Africa, in the U.S. and internationally, and well as our networks of Christian and Muslim charities, and conflict resolution professionals interested in supporting interfaith peace work.