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Religious Diplomacy

In the midst of conflict religion can play many roles. Religious identity runs deep, and when that identity becomes separated from the greater teachings and practices of the tradition, it can be manipulated and taken away from the higher calling of the tradition. But that same depth, when aligned with higher aim, living values, compassion and mindful practice has the greatest potential for transforming individuals and communities. Religious leaders responding to conflicts have the ability call on the best of what is in people and invite them to rise up to the best of what is within them and potentially their highest calling in response to difficult situations. These leaders provide models and support for communities in conflict paving the way for transformational work, forgiveness and healing. Reengaging people with remembrance of the Higher Reality, values within their tradition, practices of restraint and charity, are all important elements in turning ourselves, individually and collectively, towards healthier outcomes from conflict.

IIPC religious diplomacy involves mobilizing influential religious leaders in response to conflicts, important issues and other situations to:

  • Provide comfort to people
  • Clarify religious teachings amid confusion
  • Identify areas where international and interfaith support can be provided
  • Amplify the voice religious peacemaking and interfaith cooperation
  • Connect people with the source of hope

Capacity building

IIPC networks possess and range of skills and expertise. Through connecting our affiliate organizations and volunteers, IIPC supports the overall development of interfaith peace work throughout the world by sharing knowledge, resources and best practices. Areas where we can facilitate capacity building include:

  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Organizational Management
  • Cultural Competency
  • Health Education
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising
  • Interfaith Knowledge
  • Best Practices in Interfaith Dialogue and Partnership
  • Economic Development
  • Teacher Training
  • Educational Leadership
  • Peacebuilding.

Summits and Conventions

IIPC convenes summits and conventions for the purpose of raising awareness and addressing critical issues related to interfaith peacebuilding, sharing knowledge and best practices, creating a space for religious leaders and peace activists to engage in problem solving, and to reward dedicated, innovative and quality interfaith work.

IIPC will host an bi-annual interfaith peace convention brining together all different areas of work in this event. The Convention will include tracks in the areas of healthcare, education, economic development and peacebuilding. This convention will bring together religious leaders, peace activists, IIPC affiliate organizations, Ambassadors of Compassion, and artists. Look for the first interfaith peace convention to be held in Washington, D.C., U.S.A in 2015.

IIPC holds smaller regional summits focused on specific areas of work and projects. These meetings bring together religious leaders, and peace activists to work on identified issues. Participants together make up a league of interfaith peace leaders prepared to help their communities address the challenges they face through partnership and sharing of knowledge and resources.

Research and Education

IIPC supports interfaith work by compiling and producing resources for the benefit of our affiliated organizations and volunteers. This department of IIPC collects and reviews existing materials in areas related to interfaith work, particularly in the areas of healthcare, education, socioeconomic development and peacebuilding. In addition to highlighting and making available resources produced by affiliate organizations and others, IIPC produces its own materials to support specific needs of our volunteers, partners and programs.

Working with experts and partner organizations, IIPC also facilitates training on key areas to support the capacity of our member organizations and volunteers