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About Us

The Need for Compassion

We live in an interconnected world that in modern times is more interconnected than ever before through communications, global travel and commerce. It is apparent that there is a good deal of suffering in the world due to multitudes of factors, and conflicts follow as those who are in pain project their experience on to others. Often we hear religion blamed for violence and conflict as this deep source of identity is combined with situations of injustice. Karen Armstrong, who is a member of IIPC Council of Advisors, with her wish for a better world began the Charter for Compassion and asserted that compassion is at the heart of all major religious traditions. With this charter, people of faith are invited to return to the heart of their traditions in order to transform themselves, to have empathy for others, to learn about different traditions, and to refuse to inflict their pain on others. It is a call for religions to become a point of intervention, in which connecting with Higher Power, and acting on teachings, people can end cycles of violence and injustice and change the trajectory of communities through mindful service.

Developing Grassroots Capacity for Peacebuilding

The search for peace, at the highest level, ultimately involves the pursuit of personal and societal transformation. Knowledge, spiritual practice, companionship and service have been integral to traditional pursuits of spiritual transformation. IIPC is developing teams of volunteers who are interested in serving transformations for peace in their own lives and societies, by connecting with their own faith and connecting with partners from other faiths.

Ambassadors of Compassion

“Ambassadors of Compassion” is IIPC’s interfaith volunteer program designed to give individuals the opportunity to become these agents of change through providing training, resources, and connecting them with meaningful volunteer opportunities. IIPC maintains database of interested volunteers with different skills and seeking to place them with organizations serving local community needs throughout the world. IIPC provides training and resources for these volunteers that will allow them to form their own intentionality in their service, and to understand some of the obstacles to compassionate service and ways of overcoming these. Trainings will be offered from within the religious tradition of the volunteers with orientation to understanding and respecting other traditions as well. Ambassadors of Compassion are organized into chapters for training and for building compassionate communities.